Information for Landlords

Information for Landlords


We offer a free of charge rental assessment carried out by one of our fully trained consultants.  At this assessment you will be advised off all your legal obligations as a landlord and what rental we can expect to achieve on the property. Our consultant can advise of any works that may need to be carried out prior to letting.

We advertise in the accommodation section of various local papers when required as due to our computerised system most properties match up to prospective clients on our database. Our available properties are also advertised on On The Market.

All prospective tenants viewing unoccupied properties will always be accompanied by our fully trained consultants, who have the expertise to facilitate successful letting with the most suitable tenant for your property.

Every effort is made to establish the credit worthiness of all proposed tenants. We carry out a full credit check on all tenants to establish their suitability.


We will prepare all the legal agreements and serve all the required notices needed with reference to the 1988 Housing Act.

Legislation is continually changing and may be an area, which we are able to offer advice. We have over the years established the best agreements through personal experience and can assure you that we achieve prompt results in the event of a problem tenant slipping through the net.

In the event of a property being fully furnished a detailed inventory & schedule of the condition of your property will be prepared prior to the letting.


Rent will be due on the on the day the tenancy commences and will be credited to your account usually no later than 7 days,  Any delay in payment of rent by the tenant will be immediately chased up and you will be kept closely advised of the situation.


In circumstances where the tenants are in receipt of Housing Benefit the payments are slightly different as the City Council pay the rent on 4 weekly cycles in arrears.

Local Housing Allowance is a new way of working out Housing Benefit for people who rent from private landlords (excluding Housing Associations).  Local Housing Allowance starts from 7 April 2008 and is based on the people living in your household and the number of bedrooms required. Local Housing Allowance uses a flat rate which is not directly related to the rent charge, so benefit may be higher or lower than the rent charge. In most circumstances the Housing Benefit payment will be paid directly to the tenant rather than to ourselves.

Please note that although we deal with clients in receipt of housing benefit they will only be placed in your property with your consent. You will be asked if you wish to accept housing benefit clients on your rent assessment and providing that you are happy to accept them we will note it on the property record.  This does not necessarily mean that the tenant we select will be on benefits, as your property will also be offered for rental to private tenants.


We offer a full maintenance service and can carry out any emergency repairs that may be required. All works will be guaranteed and only carried out once you have authorised us to do so. We will encourage you to obtain alternative estimates & compare them against our own.


Landlords are required by law to have the following documents prior to a tenant occupying the property:
Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (GSI)
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
Electrical Certificate
We can arrange for the above to be carried out;
however, if you wish to instruct your own contractor a valid certificate is required for our records.


Our basic management fee is 10% of the gross rent achieved on your property plus VAT on our commission. There is an initial payment of £160.00 inclusive of VAT, which covers advertising and viewings. This is payable upon signature of contract, there are no hidden extras unlike some companies who charge you for the initial property visit. We are confident that once our company’s services are explained to you in full, you will realise that no other company is able to reach our standards.

Following the governments decision to ban tenant agent fee’s we have been left with no option other than to pass these fee’s onto the landlord. Our charges are as follows:

Service descriptions



Full Management


10% of all rents received

Tenancy agreement (drafting and executing document supplied by us  

£50.00 + VAT


Tenancy extensions / renewal service fee


£40.00 + VAT


Inventory Preparation


£60.00 + VAT


Selective License Application


£65.00 + VAT

Gas Safety Inspections

(subject to contractors price increase)


£48.00 + VAT

Arrangement of non-routine maintenance and instruction of contractor works  

10% of Net invoice total


Tenant Reference


£25.00 + VAT


DPS Lodgment


£5.00 per deposit


Annual HMRC Report


£15.00 +VAT


Inventory Check Out


£25.00 inc VAT


Inventory Amendments


£10.00 inc VAT


Replacement Rent Statements


£2.50 inc VAT per statement


Copy Invoices


£2.50 inc VAT per invoice


Portable Appliance Test


Subject to quotation


Periodic Electrical Inspection


Subject to quotation


Energy Performance Certificate


Subject to quotation


Find a tenant only service **


£250.00 per tenancy

**Includes tenant references right to rent check and preparation of initial tenancy agreements. All renewals are subject to additional charges set out above Inventory, check in, and check out charges apply.


As we are members of UKALA we are required to operate client accounts in order to provide client money protection.

We have separate bank accounts for clients money, which are distinguished from our other business accounts. We have in writing from our bank confirmation that all monies are held by the business as agents and they have supplied us with written confirmation that they are not entitled to combine clients money with any other account or exercise the right to set off or counter claim against clients money in respect of any sum owed to it or other account of the business.

We have systems in place which enable us to monitor and manage clients money transactions and any credit risks arising. We have accounting systems and client data securely controlled and protected. All client money is banked at the earliest opportunity by an authorised member of staff and records kept to show any/or cash transactions.

Client accounts are reconciled together with bank and cash balances each day in order to demonstrate control over the accuracy and completeness of our accounting records.  Money owing to clients will be paid on clear receipts at the earliest opportunity.



For an immediate appointment and free rental assessment call us now on 0151-263-6744.